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Frequently Asked Questions

Are your party rooms indoors or outdoors?

We have two spacious party rooms that are indoors.


What if I invite more people to a party and less show up?

Try your best to give us an accurate number so that we can be prepared when you arrive. We will adjust your party package accordingly.


What if I can't meet the 8 person minimum for Parties?

You can include adults in order to make the minimum. You must pay for at least 8 and you will receive everything for a party of 8, even if you only have 6.


Can we bring our own decorations?

Yes! In most cases you can arrive a few minutes early to decorate the party area! We only ask NO taping please!


Can we bring our own food and drinks?

We supply food and drinks with the party packages. If you need additional food or drinks we can make it available from our add to the fun menu.


I am having a party for two children at the same time. Do I have to make two deposits and will they both get the extras the birthday person receives?

Since the parties are for the same time and party room, only one deposit is required. In order for both of them to get the extras the birthday person receives you would need a minimum of 16 in your party package or you can purchase additional items in our add to the fun menu.


What if it is raining?

Rain will not slow us down! We will work together to make sure we keep everyone entertained with extra arcade tokens and/or rain checks for future rides.


What are your requirements to drive a Go-Kart?

We have tracks for all ages. Our Family Tracks include the Crazy 8, Spinnin-N-Grinnin, and Junior Racers. You must be at least 54" tall to drive on the Crazy 8 and Spinnin-N-Grinnin. The Junior Racer is suitable for Kids 4-7, under 54" tall.. We also have Double-Ride Go-Karts so that smaller children may ride with an adult over 18 years of age. Our SuperKart Speedway requires you to be at least 16 years of age with I.D.

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Park Hours

EVERY DAY 10am - 10pm


Hours subject to change due to weather.