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With four unique Go-Kart tracks to choose from, there is always fun for all ages.

Junior Racers

Under 54" Tall

This kiddy track is loads of fun for the littlest racer.

With one pedal to 'stop and go', even the littlest racing enthusiast can have a blast on this kiddy track. Suitable for kids aged 4-7, novice drivers get their first experience of taking the wheel and testing their driving skills.  There's fun at every corner on our Junior Racers track.

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Crazy 8

With a bridge and some crazy turns this track is definitely fun for all ages.

Our Crazy 8 track features a bridge and some really wild turns. Race around and down a hill as your opponent tries to pass you, only to pull ahead as you race side by side through the tunnel. Our Crazy 8 track also features double-ride go-karts that allow a smaller child under the 54" height requirement to ride as a passenger with an adult who is at least 18 years of age. This track is loaded with fun at every crazy turn.

Family Track Rates

Spinnin’ & Grinnin’

A favorite with the locals, this oval slick track will have you Spinnin' & Grinnin' on the first lap,

This oval slick track will give you a slip-sliding experience the moment you press the gas pedal and race onto the track.  Here's a hint: don't use your brake in the corners. A favorite with the locals, this fun-filled oval track will have you Spinnin' & Grinnin' before the first lap is complete.

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This competitive banked tri-oval track features computerized scoring and timing.

Get ready for the ultimate racing experience with Fast Eddies SuperKart Speedway. From the moment you approach the starting grid until the checkered flag waves, you'll experience fast-action wheel-to-wheel racing. This challenging track, releases the inner racer in everyone and is sure to bring out your competitive spirit. All SuperKart Speedway drivers must be 16 years of age with Valid I.D. to race.

SuperKart Speedway Rates

Park Hours

EVERY DAY 10am - 10pm


Hours subject to change due to weather.